2020 has been a year of one loss after another.  We’ve lost the ability to participate in joyous events, we’ve lost the ability to mourn together, we’ve lost income and the ability to go to work, as well as comforts for body, mind and soul. We’ve missed out on ceremonies and travel, play dates and hanging out with friends. Kids were unable to see their schoolmates and parents pulled their hair out trying to homeschool. 

We’ve been afraid to have family gatherings for fear someone might become ill, and on top of this all many have lost jobs or businesses. Despite all of these obvious losses, we as a nation have lost liberties that we’ve taken for granted for generations. And now with the death of two unarmed, black men, the country seems to have erupted in pain and fury. 

We’re grieving, exhausted and our worlds have been rocked. We keep hoping for a plan or some certainty of what will happen next; yet the goalpost seems to keep getting moved.  Events simply keep changing, morphing and erupting in a way we couldn’t have predicted.  So how do we keep ourselves balanced, healthy and encouraged?

We do it one small choice at a time. When you observe you’re overloaded with the painful, scary and negative messages on social media or TV, actively search out the beautiful, inspiring and heartfelt.  Let yourself be touched by the good in others because it’s out there. Find it in yourself too.

Look for ways to be of service- even if it seems small or insignificant.  Remember if you’re feeling overwhelmed and despondent with life right now, small acts of kindness are empowering for you and gratefully received and uplifting for others. There is more common good in us, more decency, more genuine humanity, than there is indifference, hatred and ignorance.  You have the ability to make a difference- if you look for the opportunity.

Finally, remember all of the losses, uncertainty, and collective sorrow are draining.  Take care to rest more than you think you need, eat and hydrate well, move your body, keep connection with those you care about, and find ways to nourish your spirit.   Take stock on how you’ve found creative ways to manage unexpected challenges. You have made it this far, and you will make it through to the end with help, a little humor and collecting the “positives” wherever you find them.

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