If you’ve participated in DBT, you may be familiar with the “DBT House of Treatment”. This DBT House has four floors that correspond with a different stage of DBT treatment. Use the following activity to explore what your DBT house may look like for you! 

MATERIALS: Paper and coloring utensils 


  1. Draw an outline of your DBT House. Be sure to include a floor, roof, door, chimney, four levels, and a billboard or sign outside of the house. 
  2. Draw the parts of your DBT House: 
    • Foundation: On the floor of the house, write the values that guide your life.
    • Walls: Along the walls, write anything or anyone who supports you.
    • Roof: On the roof, name the things or people that protect you.
    • Door: Write the things that you keep hidden from others.
    • Chimney: Coming out of the chimney, write down ways in which you blow off steam.
    • Billboard/yard sign: On the billboard/yard sign, write the things you are proud of and want others to see.
  3. Write in each level of your DBT House: 
    • Level 1: List behaviors that you are trying to gain control over or areas of your life you want to change.
    • Level 2: List or draw emotions you want to experience more often, more fully, or in a more healthy way.
    • Level 3: List all the things you feel happy about, or want to feel happy about.
    • Level 4: List or draw what a “Life Worth Living” would look like for you.

Here is my DBT House as an example – what will you include on yours? ☺ 


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