Ever struggle to do something that you know is possible? Raise your hand if you dislike writing as much as I DO!! Yes, I admit it, I do not enjoy writing nor does it come easy. As a result, I sit here, writing this blog article. Some may be wondering, “Why would you do something that isn’t easy and that you don’t enjoy?” Simply put, because it BUILDS MASTERY! 

What is Building Mastery!? Building mastery consists of doing something that leaves you feeling self-confident, competent, in control, or capable. Building Mastery includes doing things that are Difficult AND Possible. When we do things that are easy, we don’t notice a shift in our experience and when we do things that are impossible, we often feel defeated which leads to a decrease in competency. 

Building a sense of confidence or competence will make us more resistant to negative emotions and less vulnerable to emotional mind. When we generate a sense of accomplishment over time, we increase positive emotions and self-esteem. 

About every 6-12 weeks, I volunteer to write an article for the Life Worth Living Blog. I do this because it gives me a sense of accomplishment after I have completed my article and leaves me feeling happy that I was able to contribute to the team. I challenge myself to write, even though it is not easy for me! Overtime, it has become less difficult which makes me even more motivated and confident when I sign up to do it. 

Take a moment to reflect on something that you have been avoiding, perhaps because it feels too difficult or overwhelming, maybe even scary. I challenge you to give the Building Mastery skill a try. While anxiety may initially spike, notice how it feels after you try something difficult AND possible.