Often people struggle with learning to “OBSERVE” the moment without adding anything, and I mean ANYTHING, including labels, thoughts, judgments, or stories to the experience of the present moment. In DBT we teach the “observe skill” in our mindfulness module to help cultivate a way of looking at or experiencing the moment with beginner’s mind; like bringing fresh eyes and ears to what is present in this moment. Some helpful ways of describing this skill to participants include the following: wordless watching, noticing without naming, and simply sensing. So join me in an exercise and grab an object (perhaps a nearby item) and come along for a practice in simply sensing with either your eyes, ears, hands, nose, or mouth depending on what object you choose.

For me I am selecting a morning beverage to observe with beginner’s mind….

O: Open with curiosity to the object as if you have never seen or tasted it before

B: Begin again and again if you find that you name or describe or judge in any way…just begin again.

S: Sense the changing sensations and savor any pleasant sensations.

E: Expect distractions, labels and thoughts to arise. 

R: Return again to your senses.

E: Enjoy any pleasant sensations that may arise.

Follow the “52 Weeks of Mindfulness” a weekly blog to inspire mindful living.  Join during April  HERE at the Sacred Treehouse and see how to use the observe skill in nature for nurturing both healing and wellbeing. 

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