Don’t let this year just be another year. Make this year your year. Make it the year. This is the year where you begin a new, New Year’s tradition.  

When the calendar changes from 2019 to 2020, could you look back on the year without judgment, fear or recrimination? Instead, do a review of 2019, with balance, self-compassion, and acknowledgement of what you have accomplished.  If you consider reviewing your life from this perspective, you can evaluate what you felt good about doing/accomplishing, what you loved and enjoyed, and who you’d like to spend more time with in the coming year.  Instead of setting New Year’s goals that create the message that you need to change and improve yourself, instead set goals that feel like they are going to enhance the quality of your life, not squeeze it. 

So after a review of 2019, set up goals based on what you’d like more of in 2020.  Here are some things to consider as you imagine the New Year:

  • Who in your life did you feel brought out the best in you? Who were most supportive and/or inspiring?
  • What choices or actions made you feel more positive, strong and invigorated in your body? Find ways to bring those into your life more often.
  • What are the people, places or things that generated more peace, balance and harmony in your life? How can you experience more of them?
  • What was an unexpected experience in 2019 that you’d like more of in 2020? Consider ways in which you could recreate more of that.
  • When did you feel most fulfilled? Consider ways to build on that in the coming year – you have unique gifts to offer the world!

May this new New Year’s review create a 2020 that is filled with more joy, peace, and inspiration.