Get your headphones ready! This week, we’ll be doing a fun but simple and stimulating exercise that lets you choose your own adventure!

This week, I invite you to select five songs, each from a different genre/style (for example: ambient, classical, electronic, acoustic, jazz). Listen to each song and reflect on how it makes you feel. What does the song evoke for you? Notice any emotions or changes in energy that come up for you. Use this information to determine when it may be useful to listen to this or a similar song, in order to shift your energy into the helpful space the song creates for you.  

SongGenre/StyleWhat does it evoke?When would/could you listen to this?

Having this simple guide will allow you to access a certain mood at any point in time that you may need at any given moment. Keep this list handy and you’ll be able to transport yourself by allowing your senses to become as fully immersed as you were during this exercise. Give it a try and you’ll be amazed at how this kind of mindfulness works when you let it!